Seehotel Wiesler

Country: Deutschland
Hotel type: SPA hotel
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Introduction: "Experience nature - preserve nature"

Hotel Story

Hotel description:

The family-run Hotel and SPA Wiesler (four stars) is situated in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Germany: The Black Forest. The hotel has 40 spacious rooms and is situated on the shore of the beautiful lake Titisee.


Besides a joyful and hospitable atmosphere, the hotel offers a panoramic lakeside restaurant with a terrace, a large spa area with a sauna, swimming pool, outdoor hot tub and the beauty area "Nature Spa". Eva and Klaus Gunther opened the Seehotel to make the experience of visiting the Black Forest unique for their visitors in a friendly and sustainable way. The hotel offers a high degree of comfort for its guests while following ecological principles such as use of natural products.


“Experience nature - preserve nature” that is the logo of this amazing SPA hotel situated in the beautiful natural areas of Hochschwarzwald. The family owning the hotel turns preservation of this changing and unspoiled landscape into their mission. They think about every little detail from the perspective of sustainable and environmentally friendly operation management.




The repeatedly award winning Seehotel Wiesler is running a sustainable and ecofriendly management. The hotel received the environmental price of the region Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2009 and uses 95% of regenerative energy sources. 100% of the electricity is produced with hydropower and photovoltaics, the heat through wood chip and solarthermics.


Even though a wellness hotel needs a lot of energy, the native genius of the owner created various innovative ideas in the domestic engineering, which allows the energy consumption of the Seehotel Wiesler to be a lot lower than the average wellness hotel and to reach low energy house level. Every overnight stay produces only 500 gramm CO2.


Energy savings

At the Seehotel Wiesler in Titisee, the use of advanced technology in the field of energy use has enabled us to combine comfort and excellent service with the utmost respect for the environment.


This is due to the efficient use of clean and renewable energies. The share of renewable energy in total energy consumption is 91%. With 66 kWh / m² the building achieves a value of a low-energy house, which is very remarkable for a wellness hotel. This is achieved by a variety of smaller and larger innovative measures.


Heat recovery of refrigeration plants

The refrigeration units of all refrigerators and cooling rooms have been merged into a heat recovery unit via a combined system. The resulting waste heat is used to heat approx. 1500 liters of water daily from 6 ° C to 45 ° C. It is directed into the boilers and directly supports the generation of hot water. This increases the service life of the refrigeration units, lowers the current requirement and creates pleasant ambient temperatures on the refrigerators.


The thermal solar system is located in the hotel. The heat generated in this system is used directly for hot water and heating.




Where many people live, there is also a lot of waste. The Seehotel Wiesler has almost constant annual amount of waste due to its strong waste management system, which includes separation and waste prevention.

There is no single portion packaging offered during the morning breakfast. Jam, honey, butter, muesli, nuts, yogurt, quark, juice and cheese will be served from large containers during the breakfast buffet. In the hotel rooms soap and shower gel are available in refill containers. High-quality recycled paper is used for toilets and office.




Technical details


  • Seehotel Wiesler offers more than 250 different regional products, 65 of them with organic label
  • Breakfast buffet consists mainly of local items, there are signs from which village and farm the food is coming. The hotel is organizing thematic food days
  • The hotel is producing itself plenty of products based on local ingredients from jam to local champagne
  • Together with local farmers the hotel produce variety of items form body lotion for SPA treatment from whey remaining from local bio farm
  • The hotel is paying attention to the environmental aspect and economic viability of every purchase they have to make – from ice making machine using only 2 liters for ice doze to furniture from local wood
  • In order to save electricity, the sauna is preheated in the morning through local heating system and at noon start the electricity system
  • The heating produced by the refrigerators is used for producing hot water
  • The heating generated by the kitchen steam is used also for heating hot water for the kitchen
  • Drier for towels with hot water, later reproduced by Siemens
  • Instead of single used slippers the hotel introduced multiuse bio slippers provided at the reception free of charge
  • The water from outside pool is kept inside during the night in order to preserve its temperature
  • In 2004 the hotel investеd 42500 euro for changing its heating system from oil to wood, as a result it starts paying 1700 euro per year instead of 20 000 euro.


Seehotel Wiesler Environmental Report for 2016, available only in German.



  • 2004 winner of the EkS-Strategiepreis of the Strategie-Forums e.V.
  • 2006 awarded with the environmental price of the region of Baden-Wuettemberg
  • 2006 Finalist in the Royal Accomodation Award
  • 2007 Winner of the environmental price of the city of Freiburg
  • 2009 Finalist EMAS Award







Photovoltaic system

The south orientation of the hotel offered itself for the installation of a photovoltaic system. The plant can produce about 12,000 kWh of electrical energy per year, which corresponds to approx. 12% of the total electricity consumption. Also the electricity from the public electricity network is produced in hydroelectric power plants in the Hochrhein.

 Thus 100% of the electricity is produced from reneable energy sources through hydropower and photovoltaics.


As a result of plenty of measures the Seehotel is using per guest 291 liters per guest per night, which is amazing value where the average consumption per guest per night is 600 liters in a wellness hotel.

The hotel introduced plenty of measure in order to reduce water consumption as much as possible, without limiting the comfort of the guests. All hotel rooms sinks and showers are equipped with flow limiters, the cisterns of the WCs have a water stop button. Special cleaning procedures are applied from the hotel staff in order not to waste or contaminate water unnecessarily. The guests’ awareness program is helping to reduce unnecessary washing of towels and bed linen.


Biomass plant

As early as 2004, a biomass plant with wood chippings was installed to generate the entire thermal energy of the hotel and as a result decreased the heating cost with 91%. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions, which has a positive impact on the environment. Only wood waste from the forests around the Titisee is used. As a result, local agriculture retains the full value added. The biomass covers about 390kWh the heat energy demand of the required heating energy for all premises, the swimming pool, the whirlpool as well as the hot water. The biomass plant will save around 100,000 liters of heating oil annually, which in turn corresponds to an annual saving of around 250 tonnes of CO2 emissions.