Hotel Chateau Montagne

Country: България
Hotel type: Business hotel
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Introduction: Small steps make the change

Hotel Story

Hotel description:

Chateau Montagne Hotel is a city hotel, opened in the beginning of 2007. It is located in the central part of the Troyan town. The hotel is a three-star category family hotel and has a total number of 60 beds. It has a restaurant, lobby bar, fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna and massage hall.

Chateau Montagne offers room service, tourist information and free parking for its customers. The hotel is also suitable for business tourism with its convenient conference hall.


The hotel is situated in a mountainous region with temperate climate, with four seasons where temperatures can vary from 30 plus in summer to minus 20 in winter.



Involve your staff

Good housekeeping: The staffs turns off the TVs and mini bars in unoccupied rooms, closes the curtains in summer and opens them in winter.


Involve your guests

Guest involvement: Guests are asked to leave towels that they want to be changed on the floor – otherwise they will be used for one more day. This method conserves energy.


Protect the building from the extreme temperature

Building insulation: Insulation to conserve heat loss during the winter and maintain cooler temperatures during the summer has been installed.

Window insulation: All the windows are insulated to prevent energy leaving the building.


Improve equipment efficiency

Lighting & electricity

All bulbs are energy efficient; there are motion sensors for lights in the corridors.


Space conditioning, ventilation and domestic hot water

Each room has a separate air conditioner – for a hotel with less than 30 rooms this saves energy compared to larger units that work 24/7.


Integration of renewable energies

Hot water and space heating

Hot water is produced by solar panels that are installed on the roof of the hotel.





Measure 1

System for change of sheets and towels in the rooms upon visitors request and put signs for visitors for the availability of such an option.

See more information in our best practice section.


Environmental Benefits

25 % reduction of changing of sheets and towels - Reduction of water, detergents and energy for washing the towels and sheet.


Investment – Printing materials (paper, toner, etc.) = 80 BGN/year. 30 working hours per year

Savings – 518 EUR/year (1013 BGN).


Measure 2

Switch off the mini bars, when the rooms are not in use.




Environmental Benefits

Reduction of consummation of electricity by 29,946 kWh per year.


Investment - 40 working hours per year, Saving – 759 EUR/year, (1484 BGN)