Ecohostel Looming

Country: Eesti
Hotel type: Hostel
Web address:
Introduction: Committed to reusing, recycling, renovating and reducing its ecological footprint.

Hotel Story

Looming is an eco-friendly hostel with a unique interior and atmosphere located in Tartu, just a short walk from the city centre and very close to the train station.

LOOMING in Estonian means creation or work of art. In English it bears a meaning of a mirage, Fata Morgana, something that gives a feeling of existence. This is the collective creation of our guests and staff. 

We have cozy 4-bed, 5-bed and 8-bed dorms and cozy private rooms.

Our environmental policy supports our goal to minimize the impact of our operations. We hold our commitment to reusing, recycling, renovating and reducing our ecological footprint in high regard.

Technical details

  • 99% of our furniture is reused
  • we use resources effectively and economically
  • we help our customers reduce their impact by posting signs that gently remind them to save water and electricity
  • we always prefer natural materials and nature friendly products
  • all cleansers we use have eco or nature-friendly label or we use soda and vinegar
  • biological waste is turned into vermicomposting by compost worms
  • laundry company uses only allergy free detergents
  • we produce as little trash as we can and everything gets sorted very carefully
  • we train our employees in environmental responsibilities
  • we also encourage our guests to act responsibly towards the environment
  • we offer bikes to our customers in order to encourage sustainable commuting in our city
  • we are selling second-hand clothes in case you may need something that you don't have with you at the moment, but most importantly because we save those clothes from going to the garbage place

Plans for the future

  • rainwater harvesting system (using rainwater for flushing in toilets)
  • solar panels and -tubes for producing electricity and hot water
  • Vertical wind turbine
  • No trash


  • Members of the Estonian Social Enterprise Network
  • Proud holders of the Green key eco-label award since 2016