Vihula Manor

Country: Eesti
Hotel type: Vacation hotel
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Introduction: Contributing to a cleaner future that lasts for all posterity

Hotel Story

Vihula Manor is a charming 16th-century estate with two main manor house buildings, 25 other historical buildings and 50 hectares of beautiful parkland set alongside the Mustoja River in the Lahemaa National Park, 4 km from the Baltic Sea coast and an hour’s drive from Tallinn, Estonia.

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa is the first full-service manor resort in the Baltic countries, set amidst wildlife-rich Lahemaa National Park and only 4 km from the gentle waters of the Baltic Sea in Northern Estonia.

This elegant and secluded estate of country house hotels is a perfect escape from the bustling life of the city and a supremely comfortable and luxurious place to stay, whether you are here on business, attending a family celebration or relaxing on holiday.

Vihula Manor is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Estonia, with its painstakingly renovated ensemble of historical buildings located in picture-perfect balance with each other and the surrounding nature.

 An elegant 16th-century manor offers a perfect change from the city life with a luxurious stay. Primarily the manor fascinates guests with its atmosphere and picturesque location in Lahemaa National Park. Our spa combines the historical atmosphere and luxury, traditions and modern comfort, eco-awareness and ancient spa rituals. It is the perfect place for meetings, anniversaries, weddings in the quiet atmosphere of Lahemaa National Park, away from the bustling city life, yet just an hour’s drive from Tallinn.

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa strives to be an environmentally friendly host who appreciates the following:

  • Providing services that save on natural resources and reduce water and electrical energy consumption
  • Reduction of waste through sorting and reprocessing, plus the cleaning of most waste water
  • The use of natural cleaning agents
  • The use of high-quality, local food ingredients and raw materials in our restaurant
  • The sale of ecological and natural products
  • Consistent introduction of environmental principles as part of standard employee training
  • Educating guests in environmental principles through the use of different informational materials
  • Opportunities for active vacations in Vihula

We wish all our employees, partners and guests to carry with them environment saving principles in all that they do. To help communicate our message, we organize an annual ‘Green Day’ to introduce nature-friendly activities in and around Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa. In this way, we hope to contribute to a cleaner future that lasts for all posterity.

Technical details

  • The buildings are equipped with separate heat pumps, which reduces pipeline losses 
  • The solarpanels are used for heating the water
  • 90% geothermal heating.
  • Heat recovery ventilation is used
  • The spa products are 100% eco-friendly, a combination of high quality local and international brands.
  • There is a greenhouse in the territory of Vihula manor, where they grow herbs, tomatoes, cucumber and salad that all is used in the manor restaurant.
  • The greenhouse uses only rain water.
  • The restaurant offers food from fresh ingredients grown in the territory of Vihula manor (greenhouse and eco-farm) or in the neighboring farms (vegetables). The restaurant also uses ingeredients of wild origin from the natural reserve in the vicinity (moose meat, berries, mushrooms, etc.).
  • The manor composts organic waste.
  • There is a system for clients to let cleaners know whether they wish sheets and towels to be changed.
  • The whole manor, including guests and employees, are using only filtered well-water for drinking.

Our future plans:

The manor is about to transition to 100% geothermal heating and plans to build energy cogeneration plant to produce electricity for heating the houses.


  • Green Key since 2011