Villa Santa Maria

Country: България
Hotel type: Vacation hotel
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Introduction: “Balance between material and spiritual”

Hotel Story

Hotel description:

Small and charming this family hotel will makes you feel like at home. Wonderful panorama to the nearby Batak lake can be seen from all nine balconies and spacious front terrace of the hotel. Local wood is used for most of the furniture and green technologies are skillfully combined in the hotel architecture.

But the unique characteristic of this hotel is the warm hospitality of its hosts and relaxing atmosphere they create.



The hotel is built in 2015 and possess only 9 rooms. The environmental vision of its owners resulted in solar panels that ensure all hot water in the hotel, motion sensors in the corridors, energy efficient light bulbs and plenty of small green ideas, like using old bottles for decoration.

And when you think, it can’t be better you seat in the restaurant and tasty dishes skillfully combining fresh local products with traditional recipes inspire your imaginations.