Hotel Adler-Bärental

Country: Deutschland
Hotel type: Vacation hotel
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Introduction: "Nature conservation with knife and fork"

Hotel Story

Hotel description:

The charming family owned Adler-Bärental hotel is situated in the nature park of the southern Black Forest, Germany and offers 17 wonderful decorated rooms in traditional style.


The hotel is mainly famous for its excellent cuisine based on fresh, seasonal and regional products, well-known all over the Black Forest. The owners of the hotels understand that the nature is the most important thing to be shown to their clients and is the main asset for developing the tourism in the area, and that is why they actively participate in different environmental activities.



And as they are famous for their regional cuisine the activity which really sparkle in the menu is doing active nature conservation with knife and fork and favoring regional products, whenever available.


The Adler-Bärental hotel is among founding members of the Naturpark restaurants. In the nature park Südschwarzwald, hotel and restaurant owners have united in order to present their guests the fantastic nature experience of our region directly on the plate.




A Naturpark landlord offers at least three regional main meals all year. Regional means, the major ingredients for the meals come from the nature park. Where exactly the products come from, you can see in the menu – or simply ask our friendly staff.


The Naturpark landlords are profoundly connected to the countryside, their culture and tradition. They use local products out of conviction, as they know, that only with a close partnership between the producers, the restaurateurs and the customers, our unique Black Forest countryside can be preserved in the long run. 


There are only advantages for all:

  • the farmers, butchers and bakers can make their living by selling their products
  • the restaurant owners get fresh and high quality foods
  • and you as the customers experience the unmistakable taste of traditionally prepared dishes!

And of course, all guests can enjoy the juicy meat of the local cows and deers. Be surprised by the taste of the original Black Forest ham. Taste the mild Bibilis cheese or the spicy alpine cheese and don’t miss on finishing the meal with a Black Forest schnapps.


Aiming to preserve nature but also to optimize the use of natural resources in the hotel, in 2012 the family started the procedure to introduce environmental management in their operations. A long list with numerous activities was implemented from using renewable energy and energy conservation to waste management, changing to alkaline cleaner products and awareness raising policy among clients and staff.


Wonderful way to present biodiversity - each room has named after one of the local Black Forest’ plants.








Hot Water

Few years ago, the hotel installed new system which is collecting the heat produced by the refrigerators in the hotel’s restaurant to heat the warm water in the hotel. And is currently saving 100% of the energy needed to heat the hot water in the hotel.